Progress Journal; Undefined — Entry #1

Situational Context:

Time and Place: 26 November 2016, at or around 2200 hrs (master edit)
Purpose: Insight, non-directional, analytical
Mood:  Less than pleasant, extreme decrease in emotional content due to complexity of environmental scenario.



It is Saturday the 26th day of November, 2016. Thanksgiving is a mere two days behind us now and yet it seems like weeks have already trailed behind me. The feeling is one that is very similar to that of a circuit runner’s; where upon completing lap 80 of 100, your adversary has already whisked by you and claimed the finality of his or her day only for you to still have an entire 1/5th of the race remaining to complete. Nonetheless it is Saturday and all remains w

I have a multitude of stressors currently befuddling my normal process of though. There are numerous projects and objectives that I wish to embark on, make progress towards, or explicitly conclude in their finality… however that is just not the case at the moment, though maybe with some concentration and focus, I may get there yet.

I have yet to determine what the primary angle or locus of attention for this journal may end up steering towards, so for the moment this is all just a congealed base of intrinsic reflection aimed outward for the material world. I know there is some sense of utility I can get out of this besides just blogging as if its my diary, but I have yet to find that context.

Currently I have several personal projects I am engaging in (these are in absolutely no particular order):

1. CISSP study, preparation, and test certification

2. The sale of miscellaneous consumer objects of value around the home; these are cataloged, but not yet researched/posted for sale at this point. I will get to this soon enough).

3. Working towards a happily healthy marriage (a never-ending endeavor of love and dedication).

4. Completing my studies in C++ additions to support my interest in Unreal engine framework.

5. Organizing my finances and bringing them into an orderly method of controlled correction.

6. Many other things.


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